Offset Picatinny Rail Mounts

Picatinny offset bipod mounts from Elite Iron allow easy attachment and detachment without sacrificing stability. These are most common on rifles with a rail interface system for mounting accessories. Removing and reattaching can reposition these on different positions along the rail.

Your Revolution Bipod does need the correct mount suitable for your rifle. Elite Iron’s Revolution Bipod includes your choice of one mount, but you may need additional mounts to use your bipod with a different rifle.



Your rifle’s Picatinny rail mount offset must be measured to select the correct mount to match your rifle’s interface. If one of our standard mounts will not fit your rifle, a custom mount can be made by contacting Elite Iron at (406) 244-0234.

Offset Quick Reference

  • Standard Offset Mount – 2 1/8″ (2.100)
  • Medium Offset Mount – 2 5/16″ (2.300)
  • High Offset Mount – 2 5/8″ (2.600)
  • Xtra High Mount – 2 3/4″ (2.750)

Measuring Instructions

Ensure you follow the instructions to determine the correct mount for your rifle.

Measurement #1 – From the top of the barrel to the bottom of the Picatinny rail mount. A custom mount will be required if Measurement #1 exceeds 2 3/4″ (2.750).

Elite Iron Revolution Bipod Measurement 1

Measurement #2 – From the Picatinny rail’s end to the stock’s end. If Measurement #2 is greater than 1/2″ (.500), select the extended mount for your appropriate offset mount (Standard Offset Extended, Medium Offset Extended, High Offset Extended, etc.). A custom mount will be required if Measurement #2 exceeds 1 5/8″ (1.700).

Bipod Mount Size

Standard Offset Mount, Medium Offset Mount, High Offset Mount, Xtra High Mount, Standard Offset Extended Mount, Medium Offset Extended Mount, High Offset Extended Mount, Xtra High Extended Mount


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