ELITE IRON® has been researching and developing alternatives to the traditional bipod for years and has patented their proprietary designs based upon deep experience of real world tactical demands. Our efforts have resulted in the new REVOLUTION BIPOD® Steel .50 CAL Model. Designed for rifles up to .50 caliber, it is the most revolutionary choice in superior design for strength, stability, adjustability, and choices in the tactical world today.

The bipod and mount weigh only 35 ounces. Bipod stance width is 12″ with legs retracted and 17.5″ with legs extended short leg versions have a 10″ to 14.75″ stance. Every REVOLUTION BIPOD comes with a 2-year limited warranty. All parts are replaceable and available from ELITE IRON.

Starting at $720.00 with Feet & Mount

Bipod Feet

Select your bipod's feet

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Bipod Mounts

Select your bipod mount. If you select the Quick Connect Mount, you will need an Interface. The ARCA mounts are only compatible with the Area 419 and RRS ARCA Clamps. Ensure you read the "Ordering your Revolution Bipod" section below!

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Select an interface for your bipod if required. Note that if you selected the Quick Connect Mount, you will need an Interface. Please read the "Ordering your Revolution Bipod" section below!

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Revolution Bipod Overview

Elite shooters trust Elite Iron and the Revolution Bipod to help make the toughest shots. And here’s why…


  • No exposed springs. No cheaply made stamped parts. (1)
  • Legs and tube stems are made of 7075 aluminum. (2)
  • Leg locks are made from 17-4 Heat Treat Materials. (3)
  • Hidden springs are made from 316 stainless steel. (4)


  • The rifle can revolve 360º (5)
  • Maintains control of 2 axes of motion: side to side and up and down. (6)
  • Any position can be locked in place by tightening the tri-nut. Ease of movement decreases by tightening the torsion nut slightly until the final position is found and locked. (7)
  • REVOLUTION BIPOD places the rifle under the apex of the legs – NOT on top. The barrel is not required to be centered on the vertical axis of the ring. (8)


  • Allows for the rifle to have horizontal 10 o’clock through 2 o’clock movement. (9)
  • Length of legs adjusted quickly. One at a time and independently. (10)
  • Legs positioned or rotated forward, straight or back – in parallel or separately. (11)
  • The centerline of the ring is 7.25” with legs retracted and 12.25” extended on Standard Leg Bipod. (12)
  • The centerline of the ring is 6” with legs retracted and 10” when extended on the optional Short Leg Bipod. (13)
  • Attach different kinds of feet to match the environment. (14)


Every REVOLUTION BIPOD comes with your choice of leg length* and one free mount. You must choose the suitable mount for your rifle and the interface (at an additional charge) that matches that mount. However, an interface might not be needed if your rifle has an interface like a Picatinny rail.

* Standard Steel and .50 Cal versions only come in standard leg length. Bipod Leg Extensions will fit all versions.

Elite Iron suggests you may want to purchase an extra set of Revolution Bipod Picatinny Rail Mount Screws. You may also want to experiment with different Revolution Bipod Feet.

Ordering your Revolution Bipod

Step 1 - Select Leg Length

(This step is skipped if you order the Revolution Bipod .50 cal or Standard Steeel versions.)

Choose your desired leg length.

  • Standard length legs: Barrel height is 7.5 inches closed, and 12.5 inches extended.
  • Short-length legs: Barrel height is 6 inches closed, and 10 inches extended.

Step 2 - Select Correct Mount

Your rifle’s Picatinny rail mount offset must be measured to select the correct mount to match your rifle’s interface. If one of our standard mounts will not fit your rifle, a custom mount can be made for you by contacting Elite Iron at (406) 244-0234.

Elite Iron offers the ARCA mount compatible with the 419 or RRS clamps. (Clamp not included.) The ARCA mounts are only compatible with the Area 419 and RRS ARCA Clamps.  Available in low, standard, medium and high offsets.

How to measure your Picatinny rail offset
Measurements must be in inches to the nearest thousandth. Measurements must be included in the Order Notes in your Cart to expedite the processing of your order.

Measurement #1

From the top of the barrel to the bottom of the Picatinny rail mount.

A custom mount will be required if Measurement #1 is greater than 2 3/4″ (2.750).

Elite Iron Revolution Bipod Measurement 1

Measurement #2

From the Picatinny rail’s end to the stock’s end.

If Measurement #2 is greater than 1/2″ (.500), select the extended mount for your appropriate offset mount (Std Offset Extended, Med Offset Extended, High Offset Extended, etc.). If Measurement #2 is greater than 1 5/8″ (1.700), a custom mount will be required.

Elite Iron Revolution Bipod Measurement 2

Offset Quick Reference

  • Standard Offset Mount – 2 1/8″ (2.100)
  • Medium Offset Mount – 2 5/16″ (2.300)
  • High Offset Mount – 2 5/8″ (2.600)
  • Xtra High Mount – 2 3/4″ (2.800)

We offer specific mounts for the following.

  • Sako TRG Mount
  • Arca Mounts

If you have a SCAR 17S, Savage BA110, Accuracy International or similar rifle, you must select the below Quick Connect Picattiny Rail Mount.

If you select the Quick Connect Mount, you will need an Interface.

Mount Options (Photo Examples)

Step 3 - Select Interface

Select an interface if you will be using one of our Quick Connect or AI interface mounts. The interface on your rifle should match your chosen mount. If your rifle has an existing interface, such as a Picatinny rail or ARCA rail, an interface may not be needed, then select “No Interface” in the pull-down menu.

In almost all cases, if you order an Accuracy International Spigot Mount Interface the Standard Picatinny Rail is used. Some other pic rails can be used but they are very rare.

The Accuracy International Spigot Mount does not interface with the Quick Connect Mount.

Interface Options (Photo Examples)

Additional Order Information

Have Another Rifle?

You may purchase additional mounts and interfaces individually. Review the Mounts & Interfaces section.

International orders must select international shipping at checkout. International shipments will be charged for shipping after the order is ready to ship. Customers will be informed of the shipping cost before shipping products. If there are any questions, please get in touch with us at (406) 244-0234

Manufactured under the following U.S Patents: 8904693 B&T Inc, 9435601, 8863430, 8443540, and 9803947. “ELITE IRON” and “REV↺LUTION BIPOD” are registered trademarks of ELITE IRON LLC.


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