Suppressor Cleaner – Breakthrough Clean Technologies

This suppressor cleaner is a water-based, ammonia-free cleaner that removes heavy carbon and lead deposits. Utilizing a proprietary blend of chemical surfactants and detergents, this cleaner effectively neutralizes all corrosive residues, preventing damaging rust and corrosion without etching or harming your suppressor.

Available in three sizes.



Our suppressor cleaner from Breakthrough Clean Technologies® offers multifaceted advantages for firearm enthusiasts. Primarily, it ensures consistent performance by eliminating carbon buildup, preserving the suppressor’s efficiency, and extending its lifespan.

Elite Iron suggests the cleaner from Breakthrough for our rifle and pistol suppressors.

The cleaner removes fouling, residue, and debris, optimizing the suppressor’s functionality and maintaining accuracy. Additionally, it prevents corrosion, safeguarding the suppressor’s structural integrity.

Regular cleaning with a specialized suppressor cleaner enhances shooting experiences, reduces maintenance needs, and promotes long-term reliability for firearms equipped with suppressors.

Suppressor Cleaner Features

  • Water-based carbon and lead deposit remover
  • Petroleum and ammonia-free premium degreaser
  • Proprietary blend of chemical surfactants and detergents
  • Works with aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium-based suppressors

Breakthrough Clean Technologies offers the finest line of products to safely and efficiently maintain your equipment. The cleaners eliminate more contaminants than the leading competitors, and the lubricants provide the ultimate protection from the elements.



16 oz Spray, 32 oz Refill, 1 gal Refill